Loving photos

It took some convincing for my fiance to agree to take three hours out of his day to get some photos of us being cuddly, cutesy and cheesy. We are not the cuddly, cutesy, cheesy type, and we rarely take photos of ourselves. But I know for sure that this is a time in our lives that we will want to remember. We're young, healthy, happy, excited, and optimistic. Not to say we won't always be most of those things, but I truly wanted to capture this moment. We were lucky to find this talented photographer who made us feel comfortable (as comfortable as we could be in front of the camera). She caught us in our truest form and by the end of the three hour session, we totally gave in and embraced the corniness that comes with all engagement photos. And I'm so pleased with how they came out. Another fun thing is that Brooklyn Bride posted them on their site.