New work

I've been working on some cool projects lately, most of which I can't talk about yet, but here are a couple I can share:

First up was a shoot for my cousin Paris who is a Master Nutrition Therapist and Eating Psychology Coach. She has a great practice in Boulder, Colorado. I helped her create this new website, and had a blast styling images. And it was wonderful to collaborate with her sister Rose, who took all the photographs. 

This shoot was extra special for me because we worked in my aunt and uncle's studio space in Pueblo, CO - where I spent a lot of my time playing as a child: pretending to be a school teacher, learning how to throw a pot, and trying to play ping pong.

The vegetables came directly from my aunt's garden and almost all of the props came directly from the gallery space downstairs, and were made by someone in the family. 

It was really special for all of us to come together and share our creativity in a different capacity and support, celebrate one another. 

This second project was for Ryan Fitzpatrick, who makes GORGEOUS furniture. This couch! Obsessed. It was really fun to play with a whole living room set he made for one of his clients. David took the great photographs.